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where members can touch, experience, and benefit from a first of its kind AI technology
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Human learns by associations and relations. Having a machine that can read, understand, and align the context empowers people to learn effectively with better understanding and boost productivity.

ELAINE overcomes the limitations of textual analytics and machine learning. In a nutshell, ELAINE works like an analyst, self-discovers important points and concepts in textual information without bias.

What is ELAINE Community?

- A place for members to touch, experience, and benefit from a first of its kind of AI technology – symbolic logic

- A place where members can learn how symbolic logic is applied in understanding and analyzing unstructured documents

- A place where members can contribute and share their ELAINE analyzed articles with other ELAINE Community members

What does ELAINE Community offer?

- Members can experience first hand the power of ELAINE with their own textual documents and see results in real-time.

- Results of analysis are shown via interactive reports - Context Discriminant Report, Complex Event Processing Report, and Knowledge Graph. To view samples, click on any ELAINE News Analysis or article analysis on this page.

- ELAINE Community is FREE to members for non-commercial and not-for-profit use.

- ELAINE Community offers single document analysis. (If you need batch documents analysis or time series analysis, please contact us for details on ELAINE Enterprise).

- Document for analysis is submitted online using various input method, including copy & paste, pdf and doc file upload.

- Each member is assigned a personal login ID and password

- SiteFocus does not claim ownership to content submitted by members for analysis. Member submitted content is never retained. Member sumbitted content is not monitored nor censored. Members should not submit inappropriate or illegal content for analysis. All submitted content and results of analysis are automatically removed within an hour. Members can remove the content immediately after viewing the results.

- ELAINE analysis is provided “as is” without warranty. Results of ELAINE analysis are for informational purpose only, and not opine as advice.

*Currently, ELAINE community is available for U.S. access only

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Getting Started

ELAINE is easy to use, Click on the following video to view a sample session.

Copy & paste text you want ELAINE to read and analyze, find out what's important in seconds

Upload a pdf or doc file for analysis

ELAINE News Analysis

  • cmnews 20201024 220216
  • cmnews 20201024 210213
  • cmnews 20201024 200210
  • The followings are examples that exemplify ELAINE's capability in analyzing documents across different domains without pre-training:

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