Earnings Intelligence

Insights into the challenges & momentum of a firm's strategy & operational effectiveness

Earnings Transcripts of public companies provide a trove of intelligence depicting the economy, best practice in business, and solutions to pain points across every sector and industry.

The need - ability to analyze earnings transcripts of peers and competitors within similar space, improve operations and growth

The problem - TLDR, not scalable, too much time and effort

The solution - a smart search engine for earnings calls; get answers in a matter of minutes

What is Earnings Intelligence?

  • AI pre-analyzes all transcripts by sector and industry by relevancy
  • Interactive query and analytics cover both depth and breath
  • You can deep dive into every discussion without the lengthy reading

What are the Benefits?

  • Get a clear vision on every pain point and accomplishment instantly
  • Improve strategy and avoid making similar mistakes
  • An objective way of solving business problems related to earnings
  • Search and get results of what you are looking for in a matter of seconds

Earnings Intelligence Power Users

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For Business Executives, Business Strategists, Business Analysts

  • Objective review of earnings call transcripts
  • Understand earnings from industry analyst’s prospect
  • Awareness on what competitors and peers are thinking and planning
  • Gain competitive advantage by addressing competitors’ weakness and strength
  • Understand trends from others within the industry
  • Reduce risk by example
  • Enhance and expand inorganic growth based on competitive intelligence

For Sales & Marketing Teams

  • Discover potentials and candidate customers
  • Discover trends and market landscape on products and services
  • Improve sales and marketing with competitive intelligence
  • Gain better understanding of global and regional market
  • Get insights on product improvement and improve business processes
  • Customer engagement and retention

For Investors, Fund Managers, and Industry Analysts

  • Evaluate balance sheet with facts and semantics from transcripts
  • Compare outlooks and guidance across an industry/sector
  • Discover hidden opportunities
  • Improve portfolio performance

For M&A Analysts

  • Identify M&A candidates through business alignment and models
  • Compare M&A candidates for synergy
  • Gain insight into the finance and operations of M&A candidates

For Economists

  • Gain detail understanding of trends by sector and industry
  • Assess profitability of businesses by sector and industry
  • Gain understanding on impacts of regulation to business
  • Differentiate financial strength and weakness by sector and industry
  • Forecast industrial growth, demand of material, and labor force

For Business Consultants

  • Preparation of proposals and client advisory
  • Stay informed on business dynamics across sectors and industries
  • Discover new target - potential clients
  • Develop strategies to help businesses to deal with issues

For Financial, Wealth Mangers & Consultants

  • Discover new clients through understanding of financial landscape
  • Improve client communication
  • Profiling peer and competitor businesses
  • Improve portfolio management

For Media Analysts, Consultants, Columnists & Reporters

  • Keep up-to-date with the latest happenings in the business arena
  • Verify information correctness
  • Instantiate commentaries and articles with appropriate quotes and facts
  • Research to prepare news stories

For Business Researchers

  • Acquire ideas in new products and service through competitive analysis
  • Understanding industry trends, supply chains and consumer preferences
  • Putting context on vendors and consumers
  • Analysis of organic and inorganic growth
  • Sizing market space for TAM and SAM

The Analysis Behind Earnings Intelligence

  • Quarterly earnings calls transcripts are submitted for processing
  • Our AI engine automatically discovers subject matters found in these documents
  • Assesses context for relevancy of subjects, identify fallacies, strength and weakness
  • Delivers results comprising of visualization chart and graph, heat-map, tables with labeled supported excerpts associated with its analysis
  • Interactive queries based on relevancy of subjects and key terms on over 4800 companies, or subset it by market-cap, trading volume, sectors and industries

Earnings Intelligence Smart Search Engine - How To

Step 1 - Define an objective:

How are companies across the sectors mitigating the effect of China tariff on their supply chain?

Step 2 - Select an option from the EI main menu
In this business case, "All sector earning analysis" was selected.

Step 3 - Enter search string
In order to gain understanding of how supply chain is affected by tariff, "tariff*supply chain" is entered as the search key. The "*" between "tariff" and "supply chain" acts as a boolean AND connector.

Result from search:

A list of companies is shown

For each company, "company description", "earnings transcript", "EI Report" that match search string is highlighted in green, and is clickable to view the details.

Examples of excerpts from earnings analysis:
The effect of tariff in Sector: Consumer Discretionary, Industry: Auto Parts Stores

Example of excerpts from EI Report:
The effect of tariff and supply chain in Sector: Industrials, Industry: General Building Materials

Example of relevancy search:
Analysis of Earnings Call Transcripts by relevancy and key terms