ELAINE Competitive Intelligence

Insights into the challenges & momentum of a firm's strategy & operational effectiveness

Earnings call is all about narrative. Understanding the narrative presented by corporate executives and the Q&A with analysts provides clear vision on the strength and weakness of a business. It also provides insights into the effective of strategy execution over time.

ELAINE Competitive Intelligence timely analyzes earnings call transcripts, management decision analysis from 10-K and 10-Q SEC filings to create an accretive knowledge base of all public companies, depicting detailed business qualities, strategies, and business models. This knowledge base has since been integrated into a SaaS platform, enabling business executives, researchers, marketing teams, economists, and strategists to gain instant access to this timely information without limitation.

The Importance of Competitive Intelligence

  • Situational awareness of business environment - your sector and industry
  • Keep tab on what your competitors are doing
  • Discover opportunities to capture strategic advantage

  • The Analysis Behind ELAINE Competitive Intelligence

  • Quarterly earnings calls transcripts are submitted for processing
  • ELAINE AI automatically discovers subject matters found in these documents
  • Assesses context for relevancy of subjects, identify fallacies, strength and weakness
  • Render results comprising of interactive strategic knowledge diagram, tables with labeled supported excerpts associated with its analysis
  • Interactive queries based on relevancy of subjects and key terms on over 4800 companies, subset by sector and industry

  • Examples:

    What is the new frontier after cloud computing?
    view ELAINE ACT analysis details

    Fed Chair Jerome Powell testified before congress on June 22 2021. What is his thinking regarding inflation and interest rate? Is it transitory?
    view ELAINE ACT analysis details

    How would transitory inflation on building material affect builder strategy?
    view ELAINE ACT analysis details

    Hidden risk with global supply and demand
    view ELAINE ACT analysis details

    How would inflation concern affect commercial and retail transportation?
    view ELAINE ACT analysis details