Creative thinking starts with ELAINE

The world is built and run on narratives

From the office to the kitchen table, everyone routinely analyzing situations, looking for information that can help them make the best decisions.

Definition of Intelligence

Knowing is the process of collecting and documenting facts in a narrative. Understanding is the process of discovering causal linkages between facts within a narrative. Creative thinking is the process of discovering facts that are missing or not obvious in a narrative by means of inferences and assumptions. Design thinking is the process that augment a narrative with creative thinking. Critical thinking is the process that validates comprehensive facts and causal linkages in a narrative. Intelligence is the manifestation of all above.

What is Artificial Creative Thinking (ACT)?

  • A technology derived from Artificial General Intelligence
  • It works like a bionic brain, exploring ideas that may not be obvious to the human mind
  • Built with Symbolic Logic, it works with any domain of discourse
  • While creative thinking on narrative is generally considered as a characteristic of human intellect, ACT offers such creativity with machine intelligence
  • Creative Thinking with ELAINE

    ELAINE is a bionic muse that offers creative solutions to complex problems; empowers users to quickly grasp the nexus of a narrative and explore alternatives that may go beyond the given narrative.

    How does it work?

  • Submit a written narrative to ELAINE
  • ELAINE auto discovers facts and casual linkages between facts
  • Explores missing facts with inference and assumptions
  • Enables the use of ACT to evaluate every option, constraint, and possibility to find the most optimal solution; and in the process, boost productivity and empower thinking outside-of-box

  • Areas of Applications

  • Market analysis
  • Project managment
  • Risk mitigation
  • Resource and strategic planning
  • AGI to counter Brain Fog
  • and more ...