Causal & Consequential Reasoning Analysis


Making decision with just "FACTS" alone may solve problems at present

Foresee what to expect in the future requires the understanding of causal and consequential reasoning

Prevailing software claims to solve problems across domains and predict outcomes with Neural Network, Deep Learning or Machine Learning. Few are shining a light on causal and consequential reasoning based on Symbolic Logic. Causal and consequential reasoning help decision makers to foresee what to expect instead of just getting the facts.

SITEFOCUS ELAINE is the only software that

* Automates the discovery of facts from the view of the author

* Identifies the casual and consequential reasoning

* Provides "train of thought" for making better informed decisions


* Facilitates critical thinking and design thinking

* Eliminates bias

* Uncovers hidden risks and alternatives

* Reinforces decision-making with reasoning

An example of Causality Analysis with SITEFOCUS ELAINE

Will America’s economy enter into recession, stagflation, hyperinflation or anemic growth? Understanding the short term and long term impact of America's national debt and knowing the various options of Central Bank’s policy going forward will help decision makers to avert potential financial and material risks in businesses.

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