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The Importance of Competitive Intelligence

  • Situational awareness of business environment - your sector and industry
  • Keep tab on what your competitors are doing
  • Discover opportunities to capture strategic advantage
  • COVID-19 has torpedoed the plans and strategies of many companies, but not all. Some companies have developed innovative workarounds. Others have demonstrated immunity. Competitive intelligence is critical to understanding the why - insights that help your team to mitigate risk, limit risk exposure, expand growth, and design the next game-changing strategy.

    What can ELAINE do for you?

  • ELAINE analyzes earnings, and Managment Decision Analysis from 10-K, 10Q of competitors to extract levers that help business strategists to improve business models
  • Provides instant access to intelligence, understand competitors'strategy, finance, marketing …
  • Intelligence and key focus make reference to the original context and narratives
  • Knowledge graph connects the dots on levers and actionable concepts
  • What is missing in the current state-of-the-art textual analytics?

    Natural language processing (NLP) is not new. Organizations have been using various NLP technologies to automate repetitive tasks and extract business intelligence – like topic modeling, word embedding, automate responses, virtual assistance via voice interface. All of the known methods involve supervised learning or pre-training with domain specific information (i.e. specific for hospitality). One has to spend months instrumenting the process, codifying the rules and testing before it can be put to use.

    Unsupervised NLP that works across all domains – without the need of pre-learn or pre-train

    NLP, without general-purpose context and semantic analytical capability, will substantially hinder the acquisition of business intelligence in everyday business communication.

    For example, in the current time of uncertainties, tracking the state of the COVID vaccine development in relates to the likelihood of being an answer for economic recovery; how the government responds to the chaotic divergence between the financial market and the economy; how COVID impacts each of the sectors - retail, manufacturing, material, technology, healthcare, real estate, industrial, energy, consumer discretionary, consumer staples. Many of these social and geo-political events are concerns for risk managers. Yet deciphering commentary, opinions, news, and newsletters is impossible if everything has to go through a pre-learn process.

    Sitefocus fills the void with the development of a novel technology – Context Discriminant Analysis (CDA).

    In quantitative analysis dealing with numbers, there is discriminant analysis like LDA and QDA. However, in qualitative analysis, there is none. Today, only SiteFocus offers the technology that provides qualitative analysis with context discriminant.

    If this is the technology that you are looking for, contact us

    What are companies doing to de-risk the impact of COVID-19?

    Read on for a sample of ELAINE's Sector Highlights

      A company in the Retail Sector

    “We now plan to invest about $250 million focusing on our core business and key projects that support the omni-channel feature of our company in 2020 and beyond, which are more relevant than ever, such as our digital and omni fulfillment capabilities, including BOPIS and curbside pickup, omni inventory management, as well as digital marketing and personalization.”

    “At a high level, we are reengineering our supply chain and our vendor relationships as well as further strengthening our own brand strategy”

    “While a vast majority of our stores are temporarily closed, our customer facing digital channels continue to service our customers and we are seeing an online demand growth significantly.”

      A company in consumer discretionary sector

    “We reduced our temporary flex workforce from temp agencies in the area of manufacturing and distribution to match customer orders and reduce costs. In addition, we were able to close four manufacturing facilities over a two-week period to further balance manufacturing requirements."

    "However, despite these efforts to date, further manufacturing reductions are warranted following our [indiscernible] orders”

      A company in material sector

    “Certain products were also negatively impacted by COVID-19 restrictions mainly related to on-the-go beverages. Food and Beverage's adjusted EBITDA margin was 15%, and it was negatively impacted by the reduced volumes in our beverage closure business. Looking at each market, core sales to the food market increased 2% due to increased sales of our products used on dairy and spreads”

      A company in energy sector

    “First, we are fast-tracking the implementation of our service delivery improvement strategy in North America, as we restructure our overall North America business. We launched the strategy to lower the cost -- the overall cost of service delivery in the U.S. last year, and we will accelerate these efforts in the current market.”

    “Next, this downturn accelerates the adoption of digital technologies by our customers and internally”

      A company in consumer staples sector

    “And the value of the learnings that can be moved around the world is certainly very high.”

    “So we've been focusing on a number of things the culture, but certainly ramping up the agility and the network, creating a networked organization has certainly helped us in this crisis.”

    “And also during this period, it's been an opportunity to trim back significantly the long tail, which as we've highlighted in previous calls that tail is typically comprised of some of the more - the younger explorer and challenger brands, which by nature are lower margins.”

    “So I think a combination of the playbooks that we know work, a focus on the bigger brands and the key packages that typically are higher margin and being in the position to prioritize our leader brands and packages gives us comfort that the -- on the gross margin front that we can continue to build on the momentum that we've had for the last couple of years.”

      A company in financial sector

    “generally that obviously would not ultimately affect fee paying, fee generating AUM for the most part”

    “Management fees declined by just $5 million or 1.4% during the quarter as realization activity in private equity lowered the fee paying AUM base.”

    “The modest impact to management fees resulting from credit and real asset mark-to-market adjustments was offset by capital deployment"

      A company in consumer product

    ""... we believe our dual-pronged approach of aggressively expanding availability of Beyond Meat products in both retail and foodservice outlets served us well and helped to mitigate even more significant COVID-19 related disruptions to our revenues. In U.S. retail, sales of Beyond Meat products were up 190% year-over-year with velocity growth of 158%, contributing to a 770 basis point increase in market share”