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In today's fast-paced and ever-changing business environment, managers and executives have to evaluate risks and respond to new opportunities on the fly. When faced with moving targets and unfamiliar situations, logical reasoning and facts that are supported help to determine the best option or course of action in decision making.

Prevailing Machine Learning (ML) helps to make decisions on things that is known, but NOT the UNKNOWN. AGI based on Symbolic Logic helps to make decisions on things that are not previously known. It also offers explanations and causal reasoning on new subjects.


Symbolic AI discovers new insights in qualitative data


Symbolic Logic is not new. It has existed two thousands years ago. It is a philosophy and a manifestation of wisdom when applied to information. Its advantage was articulated by Lewis Carroll in 1897 in a few words:

"Once master the machinery of Symbolic Logic, and you have a mental occupation always at hand, of absorbing interest, and one that will be of real use to you in any subject you may take up. It will give you clearness of thought--the ability to see your way through a puzzle--the habit of arranging your ideas in an orderly and get-at-able form--and, more valuable than all, the power to detect fallacies, and to tear to pieces the flimsy illogical arguments, which you will so continually encounter ..."

-Lewis Carroll on the Advantages of Symbolic Logic (1897)


ELAINE - AI system based on Symbolic Logic


ELAINE is an implementation of symbolic logic - understands human communications in natural language without pre-learned or pre-trained process.

ELAINE is a symbolic AI system that discovers facts, identifies the causation and consequential reasoning to augment human intelligence

  1. It transforms a narrative into a knowledge diagram
  2. It automates the discovery of rationale, facts, supporting facts, and relationships between facts to provide clarity at a glance
  3. Identifies casual and consequential reasoning
  4. Causal and consequential reasoning help decision makers to foresee what to expect instead of just getting the facts


Symbolic AI delivers competitive edge

Examples of domains of discourse solved by ELAINE

  1. Detects weakness and strength of a business beyond what is articulated in earnings conference call
  2. Improves sales to solve customers' problem through understanding of causal linkages from customers' narratives
  3. Manages complicated cross functional projects with ELAINE discovered causal linkages on narratives across different teams
  4. Improves innovation by understanding causal linkages across research topics
  5. Outcome based projection on economic development with rationales from causal linkages between economic factors
  6. Assessment of geo-political risk with ELAINE detected causal linkages across the global political spectrum.

Use Cases


Easy to Use

  • ELAINE is Web based
  • Copy and paste your own documents and see result in a matter of seconds
  • Output consists of three interactive reports: ELAINE Semantic Relevancy, Logical Analysis, and Knowledge Map


    ELAINE is for everyone

    Anyone who wants to save time and be in the know