Automates Logic Analysis of Written Narratives and
Accelerates Cognition for Problem Solving

Machine Learning classifies text with statistics, but fails to read.

Machine Understanding reads narrated text and turns it into structured declarative knowledge.

ELAINE applies Context Discriminant Calculus for Machine-Understanding to improve human cognition and accelerate problem solving

Automating due diligence with ELAINE

An integral part of due diligence involves gathering and analyzing narrative information. Doing it manually is tedious and time-consuming.

Automating due diligence would ensures a qualitative standard for due diligence at scale and reduce cost at the same time.

While many tools exist, only ELAINE can penetrate complex narratives to provide the nexus and stories in the narrative. This enables users to evaluate and discover hidden insights in the narrative -- accelerate strategic thinking and de-risk decisioning.

ELAINE automated due diligence is simple and fast.

⇒ Submit the narrative to ELAINE for real-time logical analysis.

⇒ Within seconds, ELAINE produces the following output for every narrative automatically:

  1. An abstraction of all stories automatically discovered.
  2. Provides nexus and stories in the narrative.
  3. Identifies stories that contain tailwind, headwind, or imperative properties.
  4. Ranks stories by relevancy pertaining to the narrative (the big picture).
  5. Create a declarative knowledge map that depicts the stories and relationships.
  6. Provides reference links to the original text excerpts.

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Highlight alternatives and common objectives

    Sort out roadmaps and processes that supports alternative objective

Resolve redundancy within an organization

    Align business narratives into a top-down presentation

Risk mitigation

    Detect risks associated with incidents at the early stage

Simplify complex narratives

    Discover absence of common nexus between narratives

Reorganize thoughts

    Sort stories by semantics to deliver message with clarity

Ensures all stories are told in a narrative

    By enumerating narratives by stories told, it exposes untold stories

Knowledge transfer

    Declarative knowledge is essential for retention

Highlight topics and supporting facts in a narrative

    A knowledge network offers easy take-away for audience

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