Wouldn't it be nice
if AI could read everything, understand what's relevant, and show you why?
We think so too

Every company wants to win more business, make more money, and reduce risk. Information makes this possible, but turning it into relevant insights is hard. Companies want a tool that's affordable and gets fast results into what's important & why - knowledge that powers better decisions. Companies want a tool that's gets the job done without breaking the bank. We made it happen.

Meet the AI-in-a-Box that gets the job done

We call it the Autonomous Learning Machine (ALM). It makes Artificial Intelligence (AI) easy and affordable for businesses of every size. The ALM is powered by a new generation of Symbolic AI that automates the tedious manual work of text analytics. In seconds and with the click of a button, the ALM turns any information into knowledge reports of structured insights into what's important and why - insights everyone can use to make better decisions.

Affordable & accessible AI that just works

Using a breakthrough in AI computing-on-the-edge, the ALM gets immediate results at a fraction of the time, cost, and effort - savings we pass back to you! It fits in the palm of your hand and packs everything your team needs into a turnkey solution for insights you care about. No data science, data tagging, coding or setup. Just plug in the power, let it go to work, and watch the results come in!

Data goes in
  • Fast & easy file upload or Internet streaming
  • 1-click upload PDF, DOCX, CSV, cut & paste
  • Custom Twitter streamers & web mining
The AI goes to work!
  • The AI learns & understands what it reads
  • Discovers subjects, relations, and context
  • Fully automated; no coding or data science
Instant insights
  • Tell the AI what you're looking for
  • 1-Click reporting brings back relevant insights
  • Point by point excerpts with traceable links

Good things come in small packages

Pick the right solution for you!

In the Cloud

CIF Analytics Cloud


per month
(software as a service)
  • Pick your application

New Integration!
New Integration!


ALM Social Edge
for Twitter


per month
(inclusive software + hardware)
  • Plug & Play AI
  • Available in SaaS ($50/mo.)
  • Unlimited streamers on-prem ($100/mo.)
  • Analyze context of every tweet and shared link from your followers
  • Analyze your mentions, too!
  • CIF Platform analytics & reporting

ALM Enterprise


per month
(inclusive software + hardware)
  • Plug & Play AI
  • 5 users
  • Unlimited Twitter streamers
  • Analytics & reporting
  • Time Series Analysis (Unstructured Complex Event Processing)
  • Custom data upload (CSV, DOCX, PDF)
  • Full API access