Automates Analysis of Written Narratives
Accelerates Cognition with Context with Semantics

Doing due diligence, looking for new business opportunities, filling sales funnel, staying abreast of competitive activities, knowing what's happening that affects your business top and bottom line, learning something new outside of your comfort zone ...

ELAINE helps to reduce your time to value

Autonomous realtime natural language understanding system

"Not GPT, Not OpenAI, and Not Open Source"

  • From a bird's-eye view to details on the ground, ELAINE gives you the big picture and details with context and semantics in seconds
  • Finds all the important points
  • Renders a knowledge map, aligning stories according to context and semantics, making it easy for user to discover mis-aligned information, contradiction, or fallacy
  • Helps you to do your job in minutes, not hours
  • Domain agnostic - work with textual documents of all subjects
  • No data science, ontology, or pre-training required
  • ELAINE is not about comprehension or paraphrasing of paragraphs
  • ELAINE narrative analysis is based on logical analysis
  • Discovers logics behind stories, nexus within contexts and semantics to determine relevancy
  • Assesses the dynamics of fact for its potential consideration as a lever in changing future outcome


    How does it work?

  • ELAINE analyzes the stories within a text document
  • Discovers key concepts, ranks by relevance, and draws relationships and supporting facts between stories
  • Simplifies complex scenarios into bite-size, easy-to-consume insight - making it easy to discover logic and ensure no stone is left unturned

    Who can use ELAINE?

  • ELAINE is for everyone
  • Anyone who wants to save time and be in the know


    ELAINE Application for:

    Sales Enablement
  • Understanding customer pain-points, outlook, and strategic direction set better-qualified targets
  • Drive bottom funnel conversion
  • Finance Professionals
  • Empower financial insights with augmented intelligence
  • Confirm macro economy with logical analysis of companies' earnings transcripts
    Inventor and Innovators
  • Understanding the current landscape
  • Activiate creative thinking for new inventions
  • Acquiring New Knowledge
  • Accelerate learning by association
  • Logical abstraction of topics and relationships between stories delivers the big picture of a narrative
  • Direct link to associated context for in-depth drill down

  • Ease of use

  • ELAINE is a cloud platform
  • Easy to use - simply copy and paste any narrative to ELAINE and see instant results in seconds
  • No monthly fee
  • Cost less than a penny ($0.001) per character
  • Join ELAINE Community to submit your text document for analysis.