Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Enterprise
Analyzing Unstructured Data with Reasoning in Real-Time

CIF is the tool every enterprise has been looking for but didn't know was possible...

What is CIF?
CIF uses dynamic reasoning to analyze and extract the essence of textual information without machine learning, ontology, or technical expertise. CIF amplifies the creativity of its users. It works in seconds to self-discover insights from a single document or a corpus with equal ease and efficiency. Our implementation is an independent development with no 3rd party license or open source.
Why reasoning is important to every business decision?
All business decisions are backed by reasons; some people call it "strategy planning". Take for example:
  • When you want to relocate your business, you have logistics, you have reasons

  • When you want to move an employee to another project, there are reasons

  • When you design a new product, there are reasons

Reasoning is the root cause behind every business decision. Companies process textual information to improve reasoning. Processing textual information is time-consuming. To unlock the value of more data in less time, companies use textual analytics. Computers can't understand the essence of textual information by themselves. They need human help to learn vertical-specific industry and trade terms; this process is lengthy and costly. By the time a computer finishes learning, weeks and months later, business opportunities have disappeared. This bottleneck has made it difficult for companies to integrate textual analytics into business operations.
CIF is a Paradigm Shift in Decision-Making
We designed CIF to overcome the limitations of textual analytics and machine learning using AI reasoning . In a nutshell, CIF works like a human researcher and bring out important points and aspects in textual information across any industry, any data source. Instead of weeks and months, CIF helps people find the essence of textual information in seconds - no matter how big or small the data from earnings call presentations to earned media or voice of customer. CIF is easy and versatile. Run your data through CIF and, in seconds, get insights back!
"CIF is a single analytics solution that drives value at every level of your enterprise."
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