Meet the AI system for finding insights in textual data that creates a competitive edge

With CIF's Multi-Aspect Natural Language Understanding (NLU) - a domain-agnostic solution that analyzes any textual data and delivers immediate, actionable results

Transform any textual data into strategic insights in seconds - for revenue, marketing, product, supply chain, customer experience, and more

What is CIF?
An analytics tool that intelligently discover relevant subjects & supporting context from textual data.

The problem with textual data
Enterprise have textual data, but can't leverage it because text analytics are time-consuming and unsustainable to deploy; results are ineffective. Natural Language Processing (NLP) solutions require heavy technical customization and expertise. Results convert text to metrics. They lack context & relevance - the what & why - needed for strategic decision-making and problem solving.

CIF solves these problems with results that deliver instant Time To Value
CIF's disruptive approach to Natural Language Understanding (NLU) goes beyond text analytics to discover deeper insights using context & relevance. It's fast - results in seconds - and works with textual datasets from any line of business or industry without machine learning, ontology, dictionary, or customization. CIF is easy and simple to use. It delivers immediate, actionable results - no data science or technical expertise - for analysts, business managers, or executives.

Enterprise-grade, end-user friendly
CIF is a secure end-user analytics tool that anyone can use over the cloud. It's small footprint makes it a scalable solution for public, private, or hybrid clouds. CIF is a domain-agnostic end-user tool. It can be applied to any line of business, deploying instantly without configuration.

Go-to-market insights from textual data
CIF's analytic results are actionable, human-readable insights. CIF's Natural Language Understanding seeks out relevant subjects and context and present the results in interactive reports - Meta-Vision, Knowledge Vision, and Context Discriminant. CIF amplifies user intellect and creativity. It enables users to see more and do more, connecting the dots for strategic insights that can be incorporated into business strategies that capture opportunity and minimize risk. Click here for a demonstration of CIF’s range of insights on real-world applications in Merger & Acquisition, IPO prospectus analysis, competitive intelligence, voice of customer (VOC), and more.

Help machine learning & quantitative assets create more value
CIF is a complementary tool. Its insights can be used to guide and inform the strategic deployment of quantitative tools & assets. For example: analyzing voice of customer (reviews) may lead to the identification of a product design flaw. This discovery enables a company to layer quantitative analytics for context and validation (e.g. regression analysis on feature adoption by client, support tickets, derivative revenue stream, and more).

CIF is a single tool that transforms any textual data asset into strategic, game-changing insights that drive KPIs across every line of business
Do you have textual data assets you'd like to transform into strategic insights? We're here to help!