Earnings Intelligence

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Earnings Intelligence (EI)

In times of economic uncertainty, staying ahead of the competition necessitates a broader understanding of consumers and supply chain through the eyes of your peers and competitors.

An earnings call contains insight into a company’s business model that cannot be found in the financial statement or balance sheet. The executive statement and analyst Q&A in an earnings call often reveal a company’s momentum, challenges, and work-in-progress. While publicly available, this data is rarely leveraged. The challenge is scale. It takes time and resources to transform transcripts into business intelligence. To cope, business organizations constrain their frame of analysis to a handful of earnings calls.

Earnings Intelligence as a service is a search engine that analyzes earnings call transcripts of publicly traded companies in North America. Qualitative data is automatically analyzed for context and relevance. Results of the analysis is accessible by sector, industry, keyword, context, and semantics. Learn more