Our Vision...Things our team is building

Our Mission

    - Empower better management and digestion of digital information to increase productivity

    - Empower businesses to expand their business boundary with creative thinking

SiteFocus is a chemistry that blends together the synergy of people with a history and background that, while different, share a common passion that formed the nexus that is SiteFocus: using technology to elevate human intelligence.

While advances in Big Data, automation, machine learning, and AI technologies have been realized in autonomous cars, chat bots, and predictive analytics, a major obstacle remains unsolved. The team recognized the challenge was rooted in the prevailing approach - teaching models known variables and outcomes using historical data. Models became digital playback recorders - giant truth tables incapable of understanding or reconciling previously unknown information (e.g. new economic models) due to the dynamic communications found in natural language. In 2016, the team shared an idea to overcome these limitations using a novel approach driven by rationale and reasoning.

With over 40 years in expert systems and artificial intelligence, Mr. Koo led the team to create the project Communication in Focus (CIF). After 12 months of development, the team has productized this technology and made it available as a cloud based analytics tool for Enterprises. The product is ELAINE Narrative Cognition AI.

Looking Ahead

The early success of ELAINE Narrative Cognition AI is not about the footprint in the market, but the actual deployment of this technology in the real world. ELAINE Narrative Cognition AI has been tested in the analysis of real-time market forces, streaming business & financial intelligence, and the performance of large public companies. ELAINE Narrative Cognition AI is now truly a citizen AI. Businesses can incorporate this technology to shed light on dark data and incorporate business intelligence insights to drive smarter business decisions, faster.

SiteFocus is moving from ground zero and ready to disrupt the crowded space of textual analytics with its novel technology. This will in turn disrupt how business decisions are made in enterprises.