Semantics Relevance Analysis on Complex Narrative - Use Cases


Problem facing natural language understanding

Understanding a narrative takes time, especially for complex or layered stories.

The reader has to consider context in understanding the author's intentions, references, or influences; and jot down important details or make highlight marking while reading to remember key aspects of the narrative.


Semantics Relevance Analysis

Semantics Relevance Analysis can be a helpful tool for understanding a narrative. By creating a visual representation, one can gain a clearer overview of the narrative structure and how different elements interact with each other.

However, manual narrative mapping is a mental intensive and tedious task. It is unattainable when proliferation of information is at scale.


ELAINE - Semantic Relevance Analysis

ELAINE is the first automated tool specifically designed to understand narratives.

Instead of relying on rigid parameters and pre-trained models, ELAINE relies on Context Discriminant Calculus to sought out connected stories and nexus, making it possible to automatically conduct narrative mapping without relying on domain specific artifacts; enabling it to provide on-demand succinct narrative map automatically.

  • From a bird's-eye view to details on the ground, ELAINE gives you the big picture and details with context and semantics in seconds
  • Finds all the important points
  • Renders a knowledge map, aligning stories according to context and semantics, making it easy for user to discover mis-aligned information, contradiction, or fallacy
  • Instant boost to productivity
  • Domain agnostic - work with textual documents of all subjects
  • No data model required
  • ELAINE is not about comprehension or paraphrasing of paragraphs
  • Automatic abstraction
  • Hierarchical table of content on abstraction and details
  • Abstraction hyperlinks to relevant detailed text
  • Discovers connections between stories, nexus within contexts and semantics to determine relevancy
  • Augments creative thinking

    Easy to Use

  • ELAINE is Web based
  • Copy and paste or upload your own documents and see result in a matter of seconds
  • Output consists of three interactive reports: ELAINE Semantic Relevancy, Logical Analysis, and Knowledge Map
  • A video demo: ELAINE analysis of a 148 pages document from a think tank without prior training