Creative Thinking Starts with ELAINE


Definition of Intelligence

Given a narrative

  1. Understanding discovers context, semantics and causal linkages between stories
  2. Abstraction extracts the essential points and key details
  3. Creative thinking leverages on abstraction to think outside the box
  4. Design thinking leverages on creative thinking to augment the outcome
  5. Critical thinking validates the assumptions used in design thinking
Intelligence is the manifestation of all above.

Machine Understanding vs. Machine Learning (ML)

Learning is about discovering or recognizing something from the past that can be repeated.

Understanding is about discovering the declarative knowledge of a narrative without pre-learning, so that it can be applied in part or in whole to solve new or unknown problems.

Many view machine understanding as a software design & implementation challenge. However, when this task is given to a team of top notch software engineers or Ph.D. candidates, they will likely tell you that there is not enough specification for design or coding to begin. This is likely one of the reasons that AI is stuck with ML.

ELAINE - The FIRST Automated Narrative Analyzer

SiteFocus has succeeded in overcoming the limitation of ML. Our system, ELAINE, is a first of its kind fully automated narrative analyzer. It has made a major step towards machine intelligence with Context Discriminant Calculus. ELAINE understands a narrative by deconstructing a narrative on any topic into key focuses, stories, context, relationship, tailwind, headwind, imperative, doubt and relevancy.

Creative Thinking with ELAINE

ELAINE is a bionic muse that offers creative solutions to complex problems; empowers users to quickly grasp the nexus of a narrative and explore alternatives that may go beyond the given narrative.

ELAINE for Enterprise

If your business intelligence in natural language is not giving you the pros, cons, and imperatives, your business intelligence is not working to your benefit. The following questions help to bring out this point:

  1. Why customers are not renewing their contracts and your marketing team cannot tell why when you have NPS survey scores?
  2. Why products that were selling well now hitting a bump?
  3. Why best performing salespeople are leaving when everything is going fine?
  4. Why a merger with great potential don't turn out as expected?
  5. Why your competitors are eating your lunch?
  6. Why others in the same space are not constrained by supply chain issues?
  7. Why your competitors are seeing less margin compression?

This list can go on while you are pondering for answers. The causation is obvious - your business intelligence lacks "NARRATIVE ANALYSIS"

Social network, Internet news, and specialized intelligence gathering are leveling the playing field. Large enterprises have the advantage of scale. Small businesses have the advantage of JIT and nimbleness. Narrative analysis brings many related stories together before drawing conclusion or launching initiatives. However, prevailing AI is not capable of understanding the logic inside natural language narratives nor can it assess doubt on non-credible narratives.

If you are curious how ELAINE can augment human intelligence in a new way, contact us to learn more.