ELAINE Analysis Subscription


ELAINE COMMUNITY is a WEB Service that analyzes text documents with our proprietary symbolic logic processor.

ELAINE offers analysis within the four corners of the input text document and draw conclusion.

It is agnostic to any domain of discourse and is capable of connecting relationships and nexus based on context and semantics.

What is included:

  1. ELAINE Journal - Analysis of narratives on current affair, such as finance, health, politics, science, etc. User can consume the analyzed content or share the link on social media. New content are analyzed continuously throughout the day. New updates are announced at SiteFocus Linkedin.
  2. ELAINE Narrative Analysis - Subscribers can submit their own documents for instant analysis


Subscription Models


Complimentary Membership(available to SiteFocus Followers on LinkedIn)

What is included:

  1. Complimentary membership is Free and there is no fee or charges
  2. Limited seatings. Availability: first-come, first-serve
  3. Access to ELAINE Journal
  4. Submit up to 8 documents of yours for analysis per day
  5. Analysis is limited to the first 4000 characters of a submitted document
  6. Analysis result is retained for 24 hours for online access.
  7. Complimentary member can upgrade to become a premium member at anytime

Complimentary Membership Sign-up


Premium Membership

What is included:

  1. Access to ELAINE Journal
  2. No limit on document submission for analysis per day
  3. No limit on size of document submitted for analysis
  4. Analysis results are retained for 30 days for unlimited online access
  5. A one-time non-refundable setup fee - $100.
  6. Pay per use on document submitted for analysis

Price: $0.001/per character (translates to $1 for 1,000 characters)


  • A news article from cnbc.com 5,059 characters = $5.06
  • A research article 18600 characters = $18.60
  • Tesla Q3 2021 earnings call transcript 54,177 characters = $54.18
  • Premium Membership Sign-up