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Countering misinformation or disinformation requires a lot of reading and analysis. Understanding a narrative takes time, especially for complex or layered stories.

The reader has to consider context in understanding the author's intentions, references, or influences; and jot down important details or make highlight marking while reading to remember key aspects of the narrative.

ELAINE Symbolic AI analyzes narratives in realtime so that user can get ahead in a competitive world.

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Current Day Analysis:

  • iOS 18 may end support for these iPhones - will yours get the upgrade?
  • Elon Musk finally says something we can all agree on: No one wants to have to log in with a Microsoft ...
  • Scientists are building tunnels under South Dakota for a $3 billion experiment that could solve some ...
  • Trump is disqualified from Illinois ballot, judge rules
  • Hackers threaten to release Trump documents from Georgia case if they don't get a ransom by Hackers ...
  • US cautions after Hawaii neighbor Kiribati gets Chinese police
  • How Apple Used its Car Project to Drive Wider Innovation
  • Center for Public Integrity Weighs Merger or Shutdown Amid Dire Financial Straits
  • Divisions Among Finance Ministers Flare Over Seizing Russian Assets
  • Companies Were Big on CBD. Not Anymore.
  • China Expands Scope of 'State Secrets'Law in Security Push
  • How the Media Industry Keeps Losing the Future
  • Disney to Step Back From India in Mega-Deal with Reliance Industries
  • Top Amazon aggregator Thrasio files for bankruptcy
  • What Does the Uncommitted Vote in Michigan Mean for 2024?
  • Michigan Primary Takeaways: 'Uncommitted'Makes Itself Heard
  • Trump Says He Might Have to Sell Properties to Pay $454 Million Penalty
  • China's Country Garden gets liquidation petition from creditor.
  • Hong Kong property stocks jump after city scraps cooling measures.
  • Warner Bros. Discovery halts merger talks with Paramount Global, sources say