ELAINE Symbolic AI

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Countering misinformation or disinformation requires a lot of reading and analysis. Understanding a narrative takes time, especially for complex or layered stories.

The reader has to consider context in understanding the author's intentions, references, or influences; and jot down important details or make highlight marking while reading to remember key aspects of the narrative.

ELAINE Symbolic AI analyzes narratives in realtime so that user can get ahead in a competitive world.

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Current Day Analysis:

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  • How California Narrowly Dodged a Budget Shortfall
  • The Gaza War Is Dividing the L.G.B.T.Q. Community
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  • A new COVID variant is dominant in the US: What are its symptoms?
  • A family's rare genetic variant could help delay Alzheimer's disease
  • Researchers have found a 'clear genetic trigger for obesity'that applies to some people ...
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  • What Happens When You Stop Taking Ozempic?
  • I lost 42 pounds with Ozempic, but was shaken by the drug's psychological toll
  • 'Swatch has no competition'in its Swiss-made watch segment
  • Pepsi lost the cola wars to Coke. Why is it struggling to hold on to second place?
  • Taiwan: a model democracy
  • Switzerland could lose wealth crown to Hong Kong, UBS chief warns
  • In Japan, These Women Want to Opt Out of Motherhood More Easily
  • Is Hamas Bound by International Law? What to Know.
  • Asian Fears Come True as North Korea's Russia Pact Amplifies Threat
  • California Joins Growing National Effort to Ban Smartphone Use in Schools