Analyzed the transcript of WSJ's interview with Atlanta Fed President Raphael Bostic

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  • Getting inflation back under control remains a challenge for the Fed. On one hand, companies are cutting jobs, reducing forecast and outlook. On the other hand, there are lots of jobs and not enough workers to fill them. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen says "our economy remains resilient". Aggressive rate increase is expected at Fed's September policy? We let ELAINE analyzed the transcript of WSJ's interview with Atlanta Fed President Raphael Bostic, and this is the understanding from ELAINE:

      "DERBY: What would you kind of attribute the sour mood that you see in surveys and sort of pessimistic outlook that you see going through markets at various points, especially when you have to weigh that pessimism against, as you noted, a still very strong job market and still in most cases pretty decent demand for for services and goods?"

      "Mr. Bostic: ... there's just a tremendous amount of uncertainty but they don't have have any models in history to suggest that they know what that contour is going to look like ...We have an imbalance between demand and supply. And as long as that persists, we're going to have a higher inflation environment.."

      "Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta President Raphael Bostic in an interview with The Wall Street Journal laid out his thinking about the Fed's September policy meeting, his belief that markets are incorrectly betting on the central bank cutting interest rates, and how overseas events could affect the U.S "

      "Mr. Bostic: ... right now the economy is still quite robust and we're only in very specific segments starting to see the weakness or a reduction in demand that would accompany sort of the narrowing of the imbalance between aggregate demand and aggregate supply"

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    Top relevant abstraction:

      (economy, demand, market, various)
      Corresponding context behind this top relevant abstraction shows that economy is driven by uneven demand over various market.



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