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An Introduction to the Economy of Promise - Trust in a Distrustful World


Oct 19, 2022 - As uncertainty in our economy continues to grow, the need for investors to understand the underlying weakness and strength of businesses that they are investing in is paramount. Understanding business operations, earnings, credit and liability are among the essentials. Instead of listening to investment analysts from IB who are full of conflict of interest (COI), investors should digest raw information from businesses that they have investing interest. Unfortunately, gospel is not practice. In reality, most investors are deprived of time and knowledge to decipher the raw narrative from businesses.

The idea of trust in a distrustful world get a boost when tools like ELAINE is able to understand the causality of raw narratives. With this kind of tools, investors will be able to gain a better understanding on subject that affects their investment from communications such as Earnings Transcripts or Investor Day Transcripts. Other information such as rating on credit and sustainability is equally important.

ELAINE analyzed an introduction from Bruce Carruthers on this subject. Here is a reference to Ann Rutledge's post:

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