The Importance of Qualitative Analysis on Natural Language Communications

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  • What makes narrative interesting is that it tells the story according to the author's point of view and also allow the audience to reassess the story with different lens. In the case of an article published by the Hoover Institution on the subject of "Transformation of the American Electric Grid", the author clearly pointed out the three most important elements in its abstract:

  • planning for reliability and for resilience in a world where grids will operate in novel way
  • building transmission lines and interconnections in places of greatest value
  • reshaping the methods by which the public sector and electric power industry further new ideas through demonstration and innovation
  • ELAINE uses its Machine Intelligence to understand the entire document and find three major topics; i.e., energy, regulators and investment.

    It draws the relationship between its finding back to the three key focuses that it concluded. They turn out to be the same three points from the document's abstract.

    The merit of ELAINE's finding is astounding. It highlights the key resources that are essential to the planning, building and reshaping as elicited in the abstract.

    ELAINE's "Logical Analysis Report" organizes its abstractions and tells the stories in detail - brings out the author's point of view and inspires creative thinking.

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