ELAINE analyzed an interview of Fiona Hill:

Elon Musk Is Transmitting a Message for Putin


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We let ELAINE analyzed the transcript of an interview of Fiona Hill: "Elon Musk Is Transmitting a Message for Putin". Here is an understanding from ELAINE and the abstractions that inspires creative thinking:

ELAINE ANALYSIS - ELAINE looks into the context behind Fiona Hill's insight into message being transmitted by Putin via Elon Musk. As much as White House does not want to label Russia as a terrorist country in the spirit of preserving a diplomatic channel, in the mind of Putin, such direct diplomacy probably is no long an option.

The take-away:

"There was a conference in Aspen in late September when Musk offered a version of what was in his tweet - including the recognition of Crimea as Russian because it's been mostly Russian since the 1780s - and the suggestion that the Ukrainian regions of Kherson and Zaporizhzhia should be up for negotiation, because there should be guaranteed water supplies to Crimea"

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