Augmented intelligence empowers financial professionals with financial intelligence insights

Augmented intelligence empowers financial professionals with financial intelligence insights

Financial media published news and opinions on latest economic narratives. Many contain in-depth discussions that require thorough reading before readers can abstract its content. With voluminous amount of financial related intelligence information, opinions, and reports from digital media on the Internet, it creates information overload, making it difficult to consider all available information in making timely and accurate decisions.

The solution to this challenge is Machine Intelligence. ELAINE offers financial professionals a self-service solution that anyone can use. Upload a narrative to ELAINE interactively for analysis and see results in seconds.

For example:

The June 17, 2022 Federal Monetary Policy Report is comprised of over 60 pages of text and charts. It reports the levers implementing by the Fed to curb inflation and prevent our economy from dipping into recession. ELAINE's logic analysis of the report offers two abstractions - (growth, productivity) and (growth, oil) with the following excerpts:

    "the fourth quarter and then moderated to a still-elevated pace in the first quarter, thereby weighing on GDP growth. Other measures of activity, including employment, industrial production, and gross domestic income, indicate continued growth in the first quarter"
    "Prices remain elevated and volatile, boosted by a European Union embargo of Russian oil imports. but weighed down at times by concerns about global economic growth. In addition, producers in other countries are struggling to ramp up oil production."

In short, with the rate escalation, there is hope of preventing the country from entering into recession if these abstractions can be turned into positive economic force, growth will continue and the risk of recession can be minimized.


ELAINE is able to reconcile the focus of Fed's Monetary Policy with actions taken by the Biden Administration. Relating to productivity, President Biden is looking to eliminate some of the import tariff. To lower the price at the pump, President Biden is meeting with the oil producing countries to increase output. Time will tell if this is sufficient to avert a recession.