A New Method to Turn Water Into Hydrogen

September 1 2022 - Scientists have discovered a new method to turn water into hydrogen. This will provide another source of clean energy without fossil fuel in the future.

We took the abstract of new findings published in AppliedNano Materials and a couple of related articles, and let ELAINE provide us the understanding on the subject.

Key Focus:

"We report the use of a gallium (Ga)-rich aluminum (Al) composite to enhance the formation of Al nanoparticles and to facilitate its ability to split water to generate hydrogen at ambient conditions."

""The gallium separates the nanoparticles and keeps them from aggregating into larger particles," says Bakthan Singaram, a professor of organic chemistry at UCSC."

"This technique works with any kind of water, too, including wastewater and ocean water.. . ""We don't need any energy input, and it bubbles hydrogen like crazy," says materials scientist Scott Oliver from the University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC"

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