The Importance of Context in Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence, without context, is not intelligence

Not all natural language understanding software are created equal. In the case of Generative AI(GAI), providing information without considering context can cause more harm than good.

Facts vs. Hallucination

An article from CNBC titled "China's VCs look to the Middle East for a U.S. dollar lifeline" is submitted to ChatGPT for highlights, it produces the following:

The passage you provided discusses the growing trend of Middle East investors turning to Chinese venture capital funds as a source of investment. Here are the key points mentioned:

1. Many Middle East investors have been in talks with Chinese venture capital funds in the past year, particularly those with U.S. dollar-denominated funds.

2. While Chinese investments are not replacing U.S. investments entirely, they are expected to account for approximately 20% of all U.S. dollar funding by Chinese venture capital firms.

3. Middle East investors are actively seeking opportunities in China, particularly in frontier tech, new consumer trends, and biotech.

4. The warming ties between China and the Middle East, as well as tensions between the U.S. and China, have prompted Middle East investors to explore Chinese investment opportunities.

5. Middle East sovereign wealth funds have more than $3 trillion in combined total assets, and their allocation to alternative assets (including venture capital) has been increasing.

6. Saudi Arabia, in particular, is strengthening its investment relationship with China, moving beyond trade to a "core investment relationship."

7. Chinese technology and business expertise are seen as valuable assets in the Middle East's economic transformation efforts.

8. Chinese companies are viewed as potential partners in infrastructure and manufacturing projects in the Middle East.

9. There has been a surge in regional interest in doing business with China, leading to increased meetings and investments.

10. Some Chinese clients aim to establish themselves as local companies in the Arab region and eventually list on the Nasdaq.

Overall, the passage highlights the shift in investment patterns, with Middle East investors increasingly looking towards China as a source of capital and expertise.


Problem with ChatGPT's analysis

Instead of the fact that Chinese VC Funds are looking at Middle East investors for U.S. dollar as a source of capital, ChatGPT states the opposite,"growing trend of Middle East investors turning to Chinese venture capital funds as a source of investment". It contradicts what's stated in the article.

When natural language linguistic is subtle in semantics, GAI fails to interpret. Although GAI gives an impression that it can take a discussion as input and interpret it for highlights, such highlights can be semantically wrong. Making decision based on interpretation from GAI may lead to the wrong outcome.


Where Generative AI lacks context and semantics, ELAINE delivers the last mile

Instead of accepting Generative AI output as the end product, turn to ELAINE for audit/validation, ensure information is aligned before putting it to use.


What to expect from ELAINE's analysis?

ELAINE performs an objective analysis of narrative and creates a table of abstractions and key takeaway

It links relationships of abstractions and presents it in a hierarchical structure, like a table of content, for ease of understanding and navigation

Abstractions are hyperlinked to relevant detailed text in the narrative

Makes it easy for the user to discover the validity of the information - truth or fallacy, mis-alignment or contradiction.


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