ELAINE Automated Narrative Analysis

Accelerates sales funnel building

Accelerate sales funnel building with ELAINE

  • Understanding customer pain-points, outlook, and strategic direction set better-qualified targets
  • Drive bottom funnel conversion

  • Problem facing sales enablement team:

    No shortage of information, but a shortage of time

    Building an account plan involves gathering sales intelligence by gleaning the most current information and data about prospects. This involves combing through and comprehend company information such as quarterly earnings call transcript, 10K, analyst reports, voice of customers, interviews, news article, media coverage, etc. However, read and comprehend these documents to create sales pipeline is time consuming.

    ELAINE- a SAAS tool for sales enablement

    ELAINE is an automated narrative analysis tool that accelerates the time to qualify prospects. It takes text-based narrative from a WEB form, automatically digests and organizes information into an interactive knowledge map with semantics and context. Instead of reading and digesting narratives such as quarterly earnings conference transcript manually, ELAINE automatically abstract business intelligence information. One can examine the knowledge map for sales opportunities quickly by answering the three whys; why buy, why now and why from. In addition, ELAINE can also be used for competitive analysis.

    ELAINE is the only implementation of Symbolic AI that turns any formal narrative into an interactive picture of knowledge. It enables users to focus on the information that are most relevant according to their frame of mind, providing a sales mindset that delivers results.

    Ease of use

  • ELAINE is a cloud platform
  • ELAINE is an end-user product
  • Join ELAINE Community and submit your own document for analysis

    1. Simply drop any narrative to ELAINE and see instant results in seconds
    2. No monthly fee
    3. Cost less than a penny ($0.001) per character

    Additional Offering:

    ELAINE provides a library of intelligence analysis of public companies and news analysis.

    Get unlimited access

    1. Analysis of companies earnings conference transcripts
    2. Analysis of news heard from the net
    3. Monthly fee: $100/per user

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