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Misinformation is not new

Misinformation is not new to this modern world. In 1897, Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, better known by his pen name Lewis Carroll, wrote in his book on Symbolic Logic.

"Symbolic Logic will give you clearness of thought--the ability to see your way through a puzzle--the habit of arranging your ideas in an orderly and get-at-able form--and, more valuable than all, the power to detect fallacies, and to tear to pieces the flimsy illogical arguments, which you will so continually encounter ..."


Generative AI accelerates the proliferation of hallucination

Today, misinformation proliferates fast and wide spread. Technology such as Generative AI promotes information without validation. There is more information that one has to read, digest, and connect the dots to determine if it is truth or false.

ELAINE implements symbolic logic to augment human intelligence

ELAINE is an automated tool that alleviates the labor of reading, digesting, and connecting the dots.

A WEB application that analyzes text documents with ELAINE's proprietary logic processor at scale.

ELAINE limits its analysis within the four corners of the input text document and draws conclusion with its Symbolic Logic AI.

It is agnostic to any domain of discourse and is capable of drawing relationships and nexus based on context and semantics of the input document.

Users can leverage on the analysis to evaluate the truthfulness,


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