Discover new business opportunity with narrative abstractions

Discover new business opportunity with narrative abstractions

Climate change has caused recent chaos of massive airline flight cancellations which affects travel, air cargo and logistics Undoubtedly, this will have an impact on the macro economy. While climate change creates disaster, it also created plenty of business opportunities, from IT services to fuel and supply chain.

To understand the future growth of airline, airfreight or air cargo business, we cannot rely solely on opinions of Wall Street analysts. Understand the problem from supply chain point of view provides additional insight, such as examining the micro economic of the airplane supply chain.

What does it tell us when Airbus recently conducted an A321XLR, long-duration test flight at 13-plus hours on a single-aisle aircraft?

ELAINE's analysis of an airplane material supplier highlights a point which one may ponder - "what if the commercial aviation industry falters, what is next for the commercial aircraft industry?"

The following are abstractions from ELAINE's earnings transcript analysis of a provider of materials to airplane makers:

Momentum supporting factors

  1. (airbus,single-aisle)
Challenge supporting factors
  1. (forecast,long-term,uncertainty,provide)
  2. (forecast,provide,uncertainty)
  3. (forecast,variants)
Work-in-progress supporting factors
  1. (airbus,commercial,pandemic)
  2. (airbus,commercial,falters)
  3. (airbus,a320neo,airplanes)
  4. (airbus,commercial,airplanes)
  5. (airbus,commercial,a320neo)
  6. (airbus,a320neo,quarters)
  7. (airbus,a320neo,production)
  8. (airbus,a320neo,pandemic)
  9. (airbus,production,wrenching)
  10. (airbus,wrenching)
  11. (production,wrenching)
  12. (airbus,production,unsustainable)
  13. (airbus,unsustainable)
  14. (production,unsustainable)
  15. (airbus,production,reckoning)

For airline c-suite who are pondering with margin, fuel-cost, and market share, will the single-aisle airbus create a world of new opportunity that may improve the bottomline?