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Economists are forecasting a major economic downturn in the coming 12 months. If the prediction is correct, businesses will face some form of recession in 2023. Managing through a recession is not only about cutting expenses, it is more important to develop a sustainable growth strategy with less resource.

Doing More with Less

When the focus is about growth and acquisition of new customers, being able to address a potential customer pain points is the key. ELAINE is the perfect tool for sales and marketing team to discover customer initiative or pain points, turning it into a sales target without human effort.

Understand and Identify Business Needs of Customers with Ease

ELAINE is a SAAS implementation of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). It is equipped with software intelligence to understand any English document and analyze it for sales opportunities. By deriving an understanding from business documents such as 10-K, annual report, investor day transcripts or earnings-call transcripts; ELAINE abstracts the gist to identify pain points, opportunities and operational imperatives. Sales and marketing team can then leverage the information to form sales strategy that solves customer needs.

As an autonomous natural language understanding system, ELAINE is domain agnostic. It reads corpus to get the gist of a narrative on any domain of discourse. ELAINE offers its opinion in a system of hyper-linked reports, enables users to traverse context for solutions.

Example: Understand Home Depot's 2022 10K for Sales Opportunities

HOME DEPOT's 2022 10K report is submitted to ELAINE for analysis. ELAINE reads the narrative and discovers the following abstractions as challenges:

Challenge supporting factors

  1. (cash,earnings,income,foreign)
  2. (cash,services,costs,demand)
  3. (cash,services,demand)
  4. (costs,labor,services,demand)
  5. (costs,labor,services,performance,demand)
  6. (inventory,costs,labor,demand)
  7. (inventory,services,availability,demand)
  8. (inventory,services,demand)
  9. (costs,labor,credit)
  10. (costs,labor,energy,credit)
  11. (costs,labor,health,credit)
  12. (costs,labor,markets,credit)
  13. (inventory,climate,credit)
  14. (inventory,costs,credit)
  15. (inventory,costs,labor,credit)


The knowledge map and abstractions provides the depth and complexity in Home Depot's business operation. It is easy to take a dive into a subject of interest, such as examining the context associated with

    (inventory, service, availability, demand)

ELAINE pulled up the following excerpt:

"The continuing impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic are highly unpredictable, volatile, and uncertain, and could adversely affect our business operations, demand for our products and services, our costs of doing business, availability of labor, access to inventory, supply chain operations, our ability to predict future performance, our exposure to litigation, and our financial performance, among other things ..."


By expanding on this abstraction alone, there are plenty of clues for service and merchandise providers to find win-win opportunities in doing business with Home Depot.

To view the interactive ELAINE analysis of Home Depot, click here


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