Applying Logic on Semantics to Assimilate a Social Network

Discussion About Macros

Discussion About Macros

Economy is a popular topic of discussion in a professional network like Linkedin. Today, we take conversations commenting on an article "The Fed Opening the Flood Gates" as a use case showcasing how ELAINE can be applied to evaluate a narrative from the author's perspective.

ELAINE found the top subjects of discussion are FED, DEBT and INFLATION and the following context most relevant:

  • (When rates are low, banks don't earn much from saving cash because the cash earns meager interest.) The Fed creates the money as it always has, by using its own team of financial traders who work at the Fed's regional bank in New York
  • The primary dealers have special bank vaults at the Fed, called reserve accounts. . . To execute quantitative easing, a trader at the New York Fed would call up one of the primary dealers, like JPMorgan Chase, and offer to buy $8 billion worth of Treasury bonds from the bank
  • ELAINE abstracts the tuple (fed,bank,cash) as most relevant with the above stories.

    ELAINE shows the conversation is comprised of two subjects. One centered on FED, BANK, and BONDS, having JPMORGAN, GOLDMAN and NY FED in the discussion about TREASURY and BONDS. The other is related to debt and inflation with supporting facts that may trigger the economy to collapse.

    What is the trigger that may lead to a collapse of the economy?

    Based on the context of the conversation, ELAINE assessed Debt and Inflation are speculative in nature. Those contexts are ranked much lower in relevancy (28th and lower), supported by the corresponding facts as shown in the knowledge map.

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