You know what are the problems

Solving them require logic and reasoning


Difference between "knowing" and "solving" problem

Have you validated all the information before making business decision?

  • Information proliferation exposes us to more content than we can pay attention to and process
  • Not all information provided is the truth, and may contain mis-information
  • A narrative can contain fact, opinion, and author's biased point of view


    How can one separate mis-information from the truth?

    To overcome the obstacles, many companies have incorporated Generative AI in their decision making. Generative AI (such as ChatGPT, BARD) is dominating media and social media with promising deployment on HR hiring, create software code, facilitate drug development, health diagnosis, stock picks and investment, detect fraudulent transactions, text and content generation, composing poetry, ...

    The very nature of statistical word generation disallows the makers of these Large Language Models (LLM) applications to create effective safety net on the information rendered. There may be one instance that the information is 100% correct and true, follow by the next response that could be totally false and untrue or somewhere in between. These LLM models often generate text with an authoritative tone while rendering hallucination. In many instances, reference sources provided by Generative AI do not exist.

    1. Lawyer fined for filing bogus case law created by ChatGPT, more ...
    2. Bard creates bogus management team of a security company , more ...
    3. With the right prompts Google's Bard can easily jump its guardrails and generate misinformation on 8 out of 10 topics, research group finds, , more ...

    Generative AI presents you a lot of information but without reference source and context. Even if it can provide reference source, it still takes time to validate the information.


    Truth and trust require a new kind of AI tool

    "ELAINE" is a symbolic AI tool that gives you the logic and reasoning behind the information.

    With validation, information can be trusted and used with confidence.


    What is ELAINE?

    ELAINE is the first automated tool specifically designed to understand narratives.

  • It is built with symbolic logic, does not rely on pre-trained models
  • ELAINE deconstructs and performs knowledge mapping of the narrative, abstracts key elements and nexus of connected stories
  • Generates a knowledge map with the abstracted elements, aligning stories according to context and semantics
  • Provides the insight for user to evaluate information for truth, counterfactual, contradiction, and fallacy


    Easy to Use

  • ELAINE is Web based
  • Copy and paste your own documents and see result in a matter of seconds
  • Affordable
  • Pay per use
  • Less than a penny per character ( $1 for 1,000 characters)
  • Examples:

    A news article from 5,059 characters = $5.06

    A research article 18600 characters = $18.60

    Tesla Q3 2021 earnings call transcript 54,177 characters = $54.18


    Join ELAINE Community to submit your text document for analysis.