Anyone can be a fast reader

Elaine helps you focus on the things that matter in any text document.
Find key insights in seconds.

ELAINE for Sales Managers and Account Executives

Anyone can read fast. Elaine helps you focus on the things that matter in any text document. Find key insights in seconds.

What is the goal of every sales manager and account executive?

  • Want to touch more deals.
  • Want each touch to be more impactful and lead to more meetings.

  • Problem facing sales manager:

    No shortage of information, but a shortage of time

    As the macroeconomic condition sets in, sales playbooks will focus on Value if not already. The downside is that this requires qualitative sales intelligence, which takes time.

    Building an account plan involves gathering sales intelligence by gleaning the most current information and data about prospect revenue, pain-points, and strategic direction. This involves combing through and comprehend company information such as quarterly earnings call transcript, 10K, analyst reports, voice of customers, interviews, news article, media coverage, etc.

    Time is of the essence

    Statistics shows a person can read 300 words a minute. Taking an earnings call transcript comprises of 7000 words, it takes 23 minutes to read one earnings narrative. With 20 account prospects, it will consume 460 minutes (7 hours). That's just reading the earnings transcripts only, not comprehension. Compound with other related documents, it will take days to formulate an account plan for a single prospect.

    ELAINE - Solution to solve every Sales Manager's headache

    (1) Find more qualified insights instantly,
    (2) Free up time to touch more deals, and lead to more high impact engagements

    ELAINE is an automated narrative analysis tool that accelerates the time to value:

  • Reads any article in seconds
  • Finds all the important points from an article instantly
  • Gives you a map of key nuggets in a narrative
  • Helps you to do your job in minutes, not hours

    ELAINE is the only product available that automatically finds focus on things that matter in any narrative in seconds.
    No data science, ontology, or pre-training required.

    Ease of use

  • ELAINE is a cloud platform
  • Easy to use - simply copy and paste any narrative to ELAINE and see instant results in seconds
  • No monthly fee
  • Cost less than a penny ($0.001) per character

  • Getting Started

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